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SDFX is a trading platform which works on the MLM scheme, where clients make money by referring to other people and on commission. To trade on SDFX Global, you must connect with Octa FX, Forex Time, Iron FX, and Rox Capitals, and SDFX Global receives a referral commission. Let’s explore more about their profile.

Broker SDFX
Official Website www.sdfxglobal.com
Regulation N/A
Country India
Founded In 2022
Trading Instruments Forex
Leverage N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Minimum Spread N/A
Customer Service 24/7

What is SDFX?

SDFX Global is an unregulated Forex trading platform in India. This broker was founded in 2022. However, upon visiting their website, we did not find their owner’s name. Nevertheless, this broker is based in India, as the contact number they offer includes the Indian country code, suggesting it’s an Indian company.

SDFX Global includes referral links to prominent Forex platforms like Octa FX, Forex Time, Iron FX, and Rox Capitals on their website. It’s challenging to determine whether these referral links are solely for enticing visitors or if they are provided for establishing trust.

What Account Types Does SDFX offer?

There is no mention of any account types on the website of SDFX, which makes the broker highly suspicious of fraudulent activities. Rather than offering accounts to the traders, it promotes the MLM Ponzi scheme, which asks them to share referrals and earn money. We advise the traders against trading with SDFX as this might be a scam, and they might lose their money. For various account types and safe trading, you can check out fxsway review.

Login To SDFX

When attempting to sign in with the broker, we couldn’t locate an option for new sign-ups on the website. Clicking on “Log In,” located in the top right corner of the website, prompted us to enter a “Member Code” and “Password,” which we didn’t have.

Login To SDFX platform

So, we don’t understand how a new user is supposed to sign up with the platform.

Trading Platforms At SDFX?

There are no respective trading platforms provided on the website of SDFX. If you want to trade, you must make an account on OctaFx, FXTM and other brokers on the website. This is the major drawback of a broker, as no trading platform on a trading broker website shouts out irony. For an advanced trading platform like MT5, check out clicktrades review.

The broker should have had some trading platform, rather, it redirects to other brokers. Thus making it clear that it is not a trading broker but an MLM scheme.

Trading Instruments

Like Account types and Platforms, trading instruments were too missing from the website.

However, after researching and going through other competitors, we discovered that it offers clients access to various market instruments for forex trading. This selection typically contains major, minor, and possibly exotic currency pairs.

Unfortunately, specific details about the range of market instruments SDFX Global provides are unavailable.

SDFX Global Money-Making Strategy

SDFX Global relies on other platforms like OctaFx, FXTM, etc. SDFX Global does not possess its trading technology, and its website does not offer any trading pages for referral commissions, copy trading, level income, or pool income. Let’s break down these income plans one by one, my friends.


SDFX works on copy trading, which is quite popular worldwide. It involves copying the actions of a trading expert to maximise profits. However, on the flip side, if the expert experiences losses, you will also incur losses.

Referral Commissions

According to SDFX Global, this website offers referral commissions ranging from 0.2% to 2%, which you can earn on downline referrals up to 32 levels. You will receive referral commissions up to level 4 after adding a member to your downline.

Type Performance Bonus Level
Star $40 8 level
Superstar $100 12 level
Bronze $150 16 level
Silver $250 20 level
Gold $500 24 level
Diamond $650 28 level
Crown Diamond $750 32 level

Pros and Cons of SDFX

After going through the SDFX website and analysing all the possibilities, we couldn’t find anything which stood out for us in the broker.

None No Accounts Offered
No Trading Platforms Provided
Signing Up Not Clear
Makes Money Through Referral Scheme

What alarmed us about SDFX?

There were a few things that perturbed us more than they should have.

Website Content

The website’s content remains unchanged, featuring dummy content, even though it has been operational for a year. This raises doubts about the broker’s operations and credibility.

Website Content of sdfx

Moreover, the FAQ section on the website also contains placeholder content, with no answers provided for the questions. This further calls into question the website’s legitimacy and reliability.

Dummy cotent of sdfx website

Founder Unknown

After scrutinising the website thoroughly, we couldn’t find the sheer existence of the founder’s name.

The Income Plan: Scam or Safe

After learning all this about SDFX Global, this company is not legitimate in any way. It is primarily involved in money circulation schemes, where people’s money is circulated, and the same money is paid out to investors who participate in the scheme.

They do not have any proprietary trading technology, and their operation appears to be designed solely for money circulation purposes.

Are there any alternatives to SDFX?

Indeed, several alternatives to SDFX have stringent regulatory authorities, are safe to trade on, offer several account types and much more. Some of these are: Investfw Investby


After searching and reviewing websites like Trustpilot, Facebook Reviews, we found no comments or reviews on SDFX. It seems like no one is trading on this platform because it does not seem legit. If it were legit, it would exist on social networking platforms, and people would review it whilst leaving comments in favour or against it.

Customer Service

The only good thing about the broker which can be considered is their Customer Support, which operates 24*7 and the options to contact them.

We called them and had a bearable experience with them. There is no option for Live Chat. You can also connect them through Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Phone Number:

+91 7601-821-012

+91 7908-358-517

+91 8927-834-513

Email-Id: [email protected]

WhatsApp Number: +91 7601-821-012


SDFX Global is an unregulated brokerage firm providing forex trading services without the scrutiny of any specific regulatory authority. The company facilitates access to various market instruments for forex trading but exclusively accepts deposits and withdrawals via bank transfers.

They offer customer support through multiple communication channels. However, the need for more regulation and transparency is a significant cause for concern regarding the safety and trustworthiness of the company. Traders should exercise caution and thoroughly assess the risks before considering SDFX Global as their broker.


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Is SDFX Global operating within the bounds of the law in India?

SDFX Global, an unregulated brokerage firm, operates in India, providing forex trading services to its clients.

Which forex brokers have received approval from the RBI?

Forex Brokers Approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

  • Angel Broking.
  • HDFC Securities.
  • Sharekhan.
  • ICICI Bank Ltd.
  • Zerodha.
  • Axis Bank.

Are there educational resources available through SDFX Global?

No, educational resources are not available on the SDFX website. Some reputable platforms frequently provide educational materials to empower users to make well-informed choices, Such as Alpha Markets.

Can SDFX Global ensure a guaranteed income?

No, there are no certainties in trading. Although SDFX Global may present opportunities for profit, there is always a potential for losses.

Where is the operation base of Sdfxglobal.com?

Sdfxglobal.com’s server is situated in San Francisco, the United States of America.

Is SDFX Global a legitimate platform or a potential scam?

SDFX Global is an unregulated forex trading and investment platform that promises high investment returns. These claims lack substantiating evidence, and several warning signs indicate the possibility of SDFX Global being a fraudulent operation. Notably, SDFX Global operates without oversight from any financial regulatory authority.